Deep Hypnosis

Client: Krušik destilery, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The consumption of fruit brandies (rakija) in the region is increasing, the market is constantly searching for new, high-quality brandies, and the age structure of the target groups is getting lower. What used to be the drink of older generations (predominantly baby boomers and generation X), a primarily male population, has completely changed: brandies are becoming a trendy, “influencer” drink of younger generations, predominantly millennials (generation Y) and even early generation Z, and consumption has from traditional bars, moved to clubs, parties, trendy places to go out.

That’s why the story of Deep Hypnosis is entirely different. Respecting tradition and quality as imperative for this product, we have designed packaging that differs from the classic, strict design that characterizes most products in this category. Deep Hypnosis brings a dose of humor, and the design is aimed mainly at new generations but also at all those eager to change the traditional approach to brandies.

We have created four fruit brandies, classic plum, Williams pear, quince, and apricot, each with its original signature. Deep Hypnosis Plum comes from the workshop of Professor Plummer, a misunderstood scientist, master of hypnosis, and magician. His neighbor, Mrs. Apricot, spends more time in the kitchen preparing brandy than lunch. There is, of course, the neighbor Mr. Pear, the keeper of the orchard of top-quality Williams pears. This somewhat simple and reckless man has a great weakness for Mrs. Quince, the owner of the attic where stocks of top-quality brandy hides. And so, relaxed, with some tasty bites and cheerful company, sip by sip, we surrender to the charms of top-quality brandy, slowly sinking into deep hypnosis…

The recently held No Limit Advertising Festival in Sarajevo awarded the Deep Hypnosis packaging design with gold in the Design – Product design category.