Mikrofin 25 years

Client: Mikrofin, Bosnia and Herzegovina

We created a jubilee symbol and slogan on the 25th anniversary of the microcredit organization Mikrofin. In this way, the leader in the field of microfinance, Mikrofin, brought the celebration of the jubilee closer to its clients and broader target groups. We have symbolically presented the typographic symbol of 25 years with 25 stars that form the starry sky, the Mikrofin constellation, which is a guide to good, safe future times. These two symbols mold a perfect circle, a symbol of eternity, unity, and strength.
“Proud of the past, we create the future!” is a slogan that unequivocally speaks of the tradition and experience gained in the past period, that prosperous past times are the most significant guarantee for a secure future. With an informal approach, we wanted to present the jubilee symbol in a dynamic form, easily adaptable to different communication channels.