Deep Hypnosis – Travarica

Client: Distillery Krušik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

After the successful presentation of four hypnotically good brandies, Deep Hypnosis presents you Travarica, a particular type of brandy infused with local aromatic herbs, the recipe of which has been jealously guarded for centuries. The inspiration for the design came from a local herbalist who floats hypnotically on the waves of aromatic plants like a hardened sailor of the ancient Pannonian Sea, hence the nickname “meadow sailor” and how fitting it is. This unusual meadow sailor continues the design saga of Deep Hypnosis, a brandy that presents traditional types of brandy in a completely different way with its hypnotized characters. Respecting tradition and quality as imperative for this product, we have designed packaging that differs from the classic, strict design that characterizes most products in this category. Deep Hypnosis brings a dose of humor, and the design is aimed mainly at new generations but also at all those eager to change the traditional approach to brandies.

With its amber colour and unique taste and smell, this herb will instantly hypnotize you and bring you back to the sunlit meadows where our meadow sailor sails, full of incredible stories about his adventures.