Megastil visual identity

Client: Megastil, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Megastil is a company that, more than three decades ago, set out to fulfil the idea of offering market solutions and products of modern design that are functional and technologically contemporary, high quality, and entirely safe for use. Megastil produces a whole range of products from the field of living space and building protection from the sun and other weather influences, such as awnings and parasols, blinds, garage doors, curtains and blinds, glass systems and many others.

The inspiration for a new visual identity came from some products’ appearance and functioning systems based on geometric, linear shapes. A simple graphic solution that communicates the core of Megastil’s business with its geometric, dynamic appearance is rounded off by a solid and straightforward typographic solution.

The new visual identity offers the possibility of very flexible application through all communication channels, so the Megastil company enters a new era of business with a refreshed, simple visual solution, which represents systems, products and solutions that we are convinced provide the quality for living space.