Frishko – frozen pies & puff pastry

Client: Krajina klas, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Frishko = has a double meaning: frishko means fresh, but it also means something cold, chill, or about to freeze.

That is a perfect name for the range of frozen, traditional Bosnian pies and puff pastry from one of the best and largest bakery companies in the country, Manja. The slogan, “frozen, but always fresh,” reinforces its brand name.

You know the situation: unannounced guests show up at your door, and you need something to serve them. Or you’re stuck at work until late, and at home, there’s an empty fridge (and an empty stomach) waiting for you. Or you’re just craving something to eat super tasty and warm with the intense movie marathon you are watching with your friends. And then you remember that you have Frishko mini pies in the freezer, delicious, with a crispy crust, filled with one of your favorite varieties, with meat, cheese, potatoes, or a combination of chicken and mushrooms, perfectly seasoned. And just below them, a pack of Frishko puff pastry ignites your imagination and makes you wonder what to prepare: turkey or cinnamon rolls, crispy pie, or puff quiche.

They are there for work, on your table, while the irresistible smell of fresh pie and puff pastry spreads through your home, and you can’t wait for them to cool down a bit.

Frishko from Manja – freshly prepared pies and puff pastry, frozen with unique quick-freezing technology to keep and preserve all the best qualities and flavors of pies and puff pastry. We designed the Frishko product line to focus on younger target groups who don’t have time for everyday cooking but want to enjoy tastily, quickly prepared, hot, and always fresh snacks. We also launched a YouTube channel with Frishko recipes, where you can quickly and easily get great ideas on how to quickly and deliciously prepare puff pastry dishes, both sweet and savory.

What have we done? Name creation, copywriting, packaging design, website, photography, video production, POS materials…