San Paolo

Client: Cassar Camilleri Ltd, Malta

One of Malta’s most prominent winemakers and beverage producers, Cassar Camilleri Ltd, dedicated San Paolo wine to Saint Paul’s shipwreck in Malta. According to tradition, Christianity was brought to the Maltese Islands by Apostle Paul himself around A.D. 60. Paul was taken to Rome for a trial as a political rebel. Still, the ship carrying him and more than 200 others was caught in a violent storm, only to be wrecked on the Maltese coast two weeks later. All of the passengers swam safely to land. The wreckage site on St. Paul’s Island has a statue commemorating the event. Label design mimics a weathered stone carving, evoking rogue waves and tense storm clouds honoring its namesake and reflecting the fantastical history of St. Paul’s Island.