Monogram Gin

Client: Distillery Krušik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

From the Krušik distillery, the creator of Monogram rakija (fruit brandy), comes a product of exceptional quality. It is handcrafted in a small batch, with old, artisanal methods, refined and with a delicate taste, obtained by distilling 18 botanicals and the finest wheat alcohol. Traditional Monogram dry gin is distilled from the fruits of wild juniper from the local mountain areas, coriander, angelica, “St. spirit” that was once believed to have heavenly origins and mystical powers, Mediterranean citrus and pieces of ginger, which gives a particularly complex note to this genuine gin.

We have simplified the complexity of aromas and flavours with a design dominated by a typographic solution and a simple illustration of the most important botanical elements, packaged in a classic Apollo bottle with a natural, universal and timeless design typical of gin.

To highlight the unique character of Monogram gin, we packed the bottle in a royal dark blue box, which, with its design details, entices the viewer to “enter” the box and discover all the richness of complex flavours that Monogram gin contains.