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Client: Tikveš Winery, North Macedonia

Following are proposals for branding and packaging of Grape Honey, a natural product from the wine produced by Tikveš winery: the story of Tikveš winery begins in 1885. It has been crafting and aging premium North Macedonian wines for almost 130 years. Since its establishment, Tikveš has grown into the largest winery in South-East Europe and has been one of the world’s top 30 most innovative wine brands. Tikveš Winery currently produces 25.000 liters of Grape Honey per year and has the tendency and potential to increase this volume.

What is Grape Honey?
Grape honey is a natural wine product made from premium grapes. The product abounds with various minerals, vitamins, energetic substances, tannins, bioflavonoids, organic acids, glucose, and fructose, considering all these essential elements that give energy to body muscles, especially to the heart muscle. Grape honey is a 100% natural product without any additives and preservatives.